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Little Apple DollsGreetings Keepers. Shadow Twiners and Furenzu

Welcome to the new-look home of Little Apple Dolls online. Little Apple Dolls are back, Yurei is alive and kind of kicking and although it’s been a quiet few years – we promise it’s not going to stay that way!  New Little Apple Doll, Supernae has joined the other Children of The Inbetween and is already kicking up quite a storm with her magic tricks and cheeky nature.

Yurei has been out of touch for a while after splitting from Underground Toys (check out the blog for more gossip about that) – but is now hand-making and selling the dolls DIY style through Screaming Matriarch. Screaming Matriarch is the official home of LAD merchandise and the only place (outside of conventions) where you can get the full legit LAD dolls, t-shirts, stickers etc…

Urie’s Blog is where you’ll find all the news about future releases of dolls, and any events that she and the Screaming Matriarch team are planning and getting involved in.

You’re probably wondering what happened to the old site?  It’s still there so you can read the stories and reminisce about the good ole days – click the link at the top right of the screen.  Yurei and the team at Screaming Matriarch will be blogging here too so you’ll always be up to date with any news surrounding the Wandering Wood.  Screaming Matriarch is the official Little Apple Dolls outlet online and will be the only place to get the new exclusive, limited edition dolls as they are released.

In the meantime there are some treats available on facebook – like Screaming Matriarch’s facebook page, friend Kook Headcage or follow her on twitter: @kookheadcage

The site is currently being updated so do keep checking back for new items.