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London MCM Expo

01/11/2011 3 Comments

Ha! In your face Arachne Black! Two Blogs in one day! How do you like the apples, I am giving to you?!!

I couldn’t let another day pass without talking about MCM London Expo…well not talking about it, more like posting pictures from the event because that is much cooler than me rambling on about how amazing everyone was and getting all emotional about it… >ahem<

Thank you to Miruru and her partner a.k.a Creo and Pestis below for turning up as the twins and nearly giving me a heart attack, for the fantastic foam apple they made for me and for being the first customers at Expo on Friday afternoon!

3 Comments to “London MCM Expo”

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    Dorothy Damage

    These pictures fill my nerdy heart with joy! I wish I could have seen it!

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    EEEEEE!! Is that my doll I see you signing in the first photo! I think it iisss!! <3

    Thank you so much for everything at Expo, getting some of my dolls signed by you, and purchasing Ailuro was just.. amazing! I'm glad you could get hold of Atrum too, I still can't believe I finally got him, and now you have him back too! *wipes tear*

    You guys really made my entire Expo! It meant a lot to me <3

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    Oh my my hair looks messy XD It was a very good day though, and Animula is at home, managed to find her way into my book collection though XD Thank you for signing her! <3

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