Social Media Challenge: Day 15

I love drawing Kook Headcage. She is where the fun is! I've written and illustrated a few zines in another life and had been dying to create something similar but really silly with Kook at the center - so the 'Zine 'O' Fun' was born (so sharing another screenshot I sent to myself during it's making).

It was meant to be a gift for everyone who had been waiting for their doll orders for coming up to a year. (Nothing can really make up for how poorly we handle lead times and updates - stuff just seems to go wrong every time and if I'm honest, I felt a combination of guilt, frustration and excitement drawing the actual zine.) Not sure how well it was received because I refuse to read Facebook posts now. (This old lady's mental health is not the most stable - maybe more about that in another post...not sure) but all I know is I want to do another one - a Kook zine that is.

And along with all the stuff we drool over on Tumblr, drawing Kook makes me want to explore more character design...

Also: I think Kook could take Boots Lafleur in a fight.