Social Media Challenge: Day 30 - Happy Favourite Time of Year

I didn't forget about the promise I made to blog at least once a week! I really didn't! I was busy illustrating (the result of which can be seen in the freebies page of this site.) 

The last few months of any year are the best. The sun goes away, I come out of hibernation, I'm more inspired. Other reasons:

  • Halloween
  • Day of the Dead / All Souls
  • Diwali
  • Hannukah
  • Christmas

You can see a pattern here, right? They all have one thing in common. YES: they are incredible religious holidays. YES: It's an absolute shame, commercialization (and in some cases appropriation) has worked hard to profit off them... watering down their true meaning in some cases. BUT I speak of the thing that really brings people together: they all have excellent celebratory foods associated with them. All the major >read that as 'best'< food groups are represented. All the likes for the last quarter of the year. 

I have other stuff to write about but I'm too excited that Halloween is nearly here! I'm trying to look for an image from my phone that would best represent the theme of this blog. 

I think this says it all:

It was a gift from a majikcal place called Duane Reade's? That what I was told. Little Apple Red is asking me to say something positive...The colours are nice. My desk's woodgrain looks fantastic! Happy Halloween Xx


Social Media Challenge: Day 15

I love drawing Kook Headcage. She is where the fun is! I've written and illustrated a few zines in another life and had been dying to create something similar but really silly with Kook at the center - so the 'Zine 'O' Fun' was born (so sharing another screenshot I sent to myself during it's making).

It was meant to be a gift for everyone who had been waiting for their doll orders for coming up to a year. (Nothing can really make up for how poorly we handle lead times and updates - stuff just seems to go wrong every time and if I'm honest, I felt a combination of guilt, frustration and excitement drawing the actual zine.) Not sure how well it was received because I refuse to read Facebook posts now. (This old lady's mental health is not the most stable - maybe more about that in another post...not sure) but all I know is I want to do another one - a Kook zine that is.

And along with all the stuff we drool over on Tumblr, drawing Kook makes me want to explore more character design...

Also: I think Kook could take Boots Lafleur in a fight.