Throw 'All the Way' Back: Social Media Challenge once again, nothing much to say. I'm trying to be more interesting, I really am. It's just literally nothing happens. The way artists are portrayed in movies (bohemian living, substance abusing, beautifully odd, mysterious, passionate pixie-like creatures) is an out and out lie. Well I'm not like that anyway. 

Someone asked me about Boots Lafleur: he's still an ass. Walking around like he owns the place, pawing at the pumpkin (it belongs to the neighbour but the vines have grown wildly, unraveling themselves on our side of the fence. You're not the boss of me Boots, you're really not. Just wait- I will have my day.

Someone else suggested that I use this space more productively.


Point taken. Ok, so...ok big reveal coming...wait for it... I am going to share random photos from my phone here and across all of Little Apple Dolls' social network channels (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook) everyday in October in an attempt to be more open about Little Apple Dolls and the folks behind it (me and my big sis Chanel). Because some people have complained, y'know. That we're not open enough. That we're hiding something. Hmph. Millennials.

One blog a week and social media, everyday? I predict I will fail this challenge. 

Anyway, here's the first thing:

Every October, the Moniker Art Fair, a contemporary art show featuring both established and upcoming artists, is held in my home city, London. Last year a friend of mine scored tickets to the opening night and invited me along. (note: I don't like opening nights, private view events because well...crowds, art people, air kisses, alcohol and talking about art. I adore my friend and hadn't seen her in a very long time so I accepted. I felt safe with her there in any case.

Happy Sleepy Goofy Mickey

Happy Sleepy Goofy Mickey


This Mickey Mouse thingy was one of my favourite things. I mean: He's just so shiny. Is he sleeping? Is he dreaming? What's he dreaming about? Steamboats? Pluto licking his face? Oh Mickey Le Mouse.

We also laughed at a glamorous guy wearing a faux chinchilla coat (two sizes two big for him) and oversized sunglasses indoors. He was like that character in Will and Grace, Lesley, who always exchanged insults with Karen. Art people are ridiculous. It was a good night in the end.