Social Media Challenge: Day 8

I said I'd write about it so here we are:

Ok, so this is the great love of my life... my bike Tondalaya Excelle. It's ok for you to feel what you're feeling: she really is that beautiful. Sturdy, reliable and true too. I haven't fallen off her once. That's love. Sometimes I can't tell where she ends and I begin. Except when I have to park her while I go into the shop to buy stuff. That is all.

Tondalaya Love

Social Media Challenge: Day 2

Beep, beep, bop, boop, boooop (That's the sound of me selecting a photo from my phone's gallery by the way) Aaaannnd here we go:

This is a set of new vector illustrations from Legacy doll Irae's booklet. I look back at those first booklets (when I was just learning how to use vector software and quite frankly, I cringe. I cringe till my face recedes into my neck. I got better but there's always plenty of room for improvement! When we decided to release the Legacy dolls- it was on the condition that I get to do the images again! 

(The illustrations are drawn on old tissues, while on a commute somewhere, then re-created in Adobe Ilustrator CS3. Yep, still using CS3 on my 6 year old non-Apple laptop (sans wacom tablet) and getting a whole heap of crap from other creative people for it. >Hahaa!< Ho, hum...oh well. More on that in another post.) 

I got into the habit of sending screenshots of the booklet illustrations to myself while working on them. It's really so I can look back at them when I'm away from my desk and see what can be altered. If I'm looking at the screen for 5-6 hours straight, I usually can't tell what the bloody hell is going on after a while. So I get up, go on an errand or go ride my bike (more on her in another post!) and take a peek at my phone then. For some reason this works: I see how bad what I had been doing was then go back and try and fix it.